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2 Days Until My Internship in Los Angeles

2 days before my internship in Los Angeles begins. It’s been now 240 days since I sent the first emails about my internship. After that I have sent about 150 emails, printed and scanned almost the same amount of papers and paid over 2000 euros of different payments. But finally I have confirmed my internship in L.A., California for summer and received my visa.

Only 2 days and my adventure begins.

Huge thanks to Kilroy and German American Chamber of Commerce California (GACC CA) that helped me through the application and visa process and answered all my stupid question.

The whole application process has been countless times very frustrating and it hasn’t been far that I haven’t walked out sometimes. I won’t open up the process more, but I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone who isn’t 100% motivated and willing to work for it (and pay a lot of money).

But now I have AirBnb apartment for the first days and I’ll start searching long-term apartment from there. We’ll see how that goes.


♥ V


2 days until my internship in Los Angeles

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  1. Alejandra

    Very interesting blog and to hear your experience in the process. Can’t wait for next blog 🙂 Good luck with everything!

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