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Settling in

I’m starting to settle in Los Angeles. Flights went smoothly even though I couldn’t sleep at all. I found my AirBnb place and I couldn’t have chosen better place! The apartment was lovely and my host was so helpful and wonderful that I owe her huge thanks. She helped me already on the first day to get US phone number and taught me all about public transportation and showed good groceries. I don’t know how I could’ve ever have gotten so good start for my staying in LA, if it wasn’t for her. We also went to do some must-do tourist stuff to Hollywood Blvd.

Photo 12-05-16 7 42 57 PM     Photo 13-05-16 1 24 20 PM

Photo 12-05-16 7 38 47 PM


After first days, I already found myself home! Now I have two amazing ladies and lovely Baxter as roommates. I still have one week off from work, so more time to explore the city and get to know people. I’ve already found so nice and helpful people that I can’t wait the rest of the summer! I’m in love with this city already. <3

♥ V


Photo 16-05-16 5 05 39 PM
Baxter, my love <3


  1. Hanna

    Hanna tätä laittelee nimettömiä,……

  2. Anonymous

    Vilma nauti siellä ota kaikki irti!
    Mä kyllä tiesin että sä pääset perille ja hoidat hommat!

  3. Have a nice summer! And that house looks amazing!

  4. Anonymous

    Kiitos vaan suomennoksesta tätiskin voi seurailla siun kesää.
    Nauti ajastasi maailmalla.
    Uusia päivityksiä odotellessa

  5. Sarah

    Baxter seems to be a great roomie! Have fun!

    • Vilma

      Baxter is the best!

  6. Anonymous

    Kiitos suomennoksesta ?
    Oon niiiin ylpee susta ja miten oot pärjänny ja saanu asiat hoidettua ? Nauti kesästäsi LA ssa?
    terveisin äiti

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