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First Week Back in Finland

So, after almost four months enjoying California sun, I’m back in north.

I planned my comeback to Finland as a surprise for few of my friends, and it worked out so well! I landed last Tuesday at midnight and I was already in school next morning and no one there had any idea that I was back already. Their faces were worth to see.

I’ve also settled so well to my new apartment in Helsinki with two of the most amazing roomies. I’ve been blessed this year with so good roommates, that I couldn’t be happier. I’m lucky to get to know all these amazing people and have a chance to live with them, in LA and here in Finland. ♥

I barely had time to unpack my luggage last week when I already had to pack my weekend stuff and head to my hometown Tampere. I had a busy weekend scheduled with meeting family and friends. And I still didn’t have enough time to see everyone. Next time, I promise!


Woah, now that I think the week, it’s been so hectic. And it doesn’t seem to get less hectic any time soon. But the plan is to keep myself busy so I won’t start to miss Los Angeles. It’s working well so far.

And Finland isn’t as bad as I was scared! Weather has been super nice so far and I love to be around my friends again. I’ve already started to work with some Slush and Nordic Business Forum projects and school is also starting to hit me for real with all the assignments.

But winter is coming. I just hope that it has something else to offer besides coldness and darkness.

Remember my snapchat and instagram @vilmafur. Have a good weekend y’all!

♥ V

Some first morning essentials


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