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Summer FAQ

During these few weeks I’ve had to answer some questions about my summer in Los Angeles over and over again. So I decided to make this FAQ for some things that I haven’t covered in previous posts. And if anyone asks these again, I can just show this post. How convenient.

If you feel like I forgot something or you want to know more about something, feel free to contact me!


What did I actually do in Los Angeles?

I did my internship in a marketing agency focused on branded entertainment. I was handling a lot of research for clients and the company, searching potential contacts and creating decks for different projects. It means a lot of Excel lists and PowerPoint work. And I also got to know well the basic tasks of the office from ordering lunch to taking the trash out.

Did I get paid?

No, it was unpaid internship. I lived with Kela grants and with my own savings. Also our school Haaga-Helia supports us with some money.

How did I get the job?

I applied through German American Chamber of Commerce California. It was a long process and costs a lot of money, but was so worth it.

At first I tried to look into US internships and even applied to some on my own, but it didn’t work out well so I was happy to pay a bit extra for help.

Was US more expensive than Finland?

In a way yes. At least the living in LA was expensive compared to Finland. But otherwise, it is possible to live there on a smaller budget, but you’ll be basically just sitting at home then. I also made monthly budget for myself but it was three times bigger than what I have now here in Finland, so I didn’t really have to count all the pennies. It covered my living and free-time activities well, but it didn’t leave me much extra money.

How did I find my apartment?

I made a craigslist ad for myself before going there, and my lovely (ex)roommate contacted me through that. I had Airbnb-room for first three days, and that was enough. Finding a place was a lot easier than I thought, or maybe I was just lucky.

What was the biggest difference compared to Finland?

This is a tough one. I mean, it wasn’t that different for me, but at the same time everything was different. Of course everything was bigger. But I’d say people were the biggest difference. In a good way. They were much more open and happier. And they really work for their dreams and goals, what I admire.

What do I miss most now that I’m back in Finland?

Uber. Definitely Uber. Even though our public transportation is much better here than in LA.

And also the feeling that I can do anything. I don’t feel that in Finland.

Did I see any celebrities?

No, not a single one. At least I don’t think so, I’m half blind without my glasses.

Will I go back to US/Los Angeles?

Yes. First I’ll see some more Europe (and maybe Asia too), but LA became one home for me so I have to go back.


I hope that covers some remaining questions, have a good week!

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