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Busy But Exciting Weeks

The last two weeks has been passing SO fast and I’ve been consequently busy. If the school and all the assignments aren’t enough, week ago I hosted my housewarming party with some of my closest friends (thanks everyone for coming, it was so much fun!). I was supposed to make one post about the party, but I focused more to having fun than taking pictures.

And straight after that started the Nordic Business Forum 2016 week. I was attending as a volunteer for customer service. At first I wasn’t sure if it was my thing, I knew the dress code was strict business look, and it is something way out of what I usually wear. But I heard so many good things about the seminar that I went for it. And I’m so happy that I did it!

The trainings for volunteers lasted about a week and the seminar itself was two days. And man, those two days were longest two days that I’ve had for a while. The work started already at 6am and lasted till 8pm. So 14h per day. After the second day I literally wasn’t feeling my legs anymore and during the last hours it was so hard to keep on that customer service smile. But we all did it. There’s so many amazing people around you keeping up the energy that it is hard to fall apart. The atmosphere there is so positive and inspiring that it catches everyone there. Nordic Business Forum is known from its incredible customer service, so I’m proud to say that I’ve been part of it this year.

Seeing also some speakers like Tony Hawk and Gary Vaynerchuk and hearing those speeches about so inspiring things made the attending worth the whole thing.

Even though Nordic Business Forum is now done, my life isn’t going to get any less hectic still. Next week I’m working as extra employee in Stockmann for Hullut Päivät, Slush is coming closer and closer which means more volunteer work, I’m starting a new interesting online course for school in two weeks, I should start to prepare myself for my exchange and of course there is still all the other school assignments. Exciting to see how I survive this semester.

♥ V

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