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Things To Be Happy About

Things To Be Happy About

With the weather getting shittier and darker, I needed a minute to do more self-searching and think few things to be happy about. I’ve tried to wake up every morning thinking one thing that makes me happy that morning, but now the mornings are so dark that it’s been tough.

There is even numerous reasons why to be happy; Happiness is good for our health and our relationships, happy people make more money and are more productive at work. And all in all, happy people are more creative.

“ Happiness is a mental or emotional state of wellbeing defined by positive or pleasant emotions. “

My present happiness comes from the following:

I live through plans. I need to be constantly aware of what I’m doing next, doesn’t matter if it’s next day, next month or next year. Right now I’m really excited about my plans; rest of the year I’m finishing school, and soon all the Slush things really start to happen where I’m working as a group leader this year. And in January I’m heading to the Netherlands with one-way ticket to do my exchange.

Financial Balance
This is something that I’m really proud of. Even though I don’t have a job now or any other extra income, except student grants and loan, I’m managing my money well and even been able to save some money. It’s something that keeps amusing me, when people are whining about how small student grants and loans are in Finland. Where do you people spend that money? I also run across this news article from Ilta-Sanomat about critical income limit in Finland (which is 669e/month after living expenses, according to the article). I’m living with less than that amount of money in the center of Helsinki and I think I’m doing well. I can go out to eat once in a while or have drinks with my friends and put some money to my savings account. It’s just about prioritizing things.

Family & friends
I know it’s such a cliché, but I’m happy that I have a family and friends that make me happy. I’m trying to appreciate it more, not everyone has these privileges. I suck at keeping in touch with people, I’m almost never the one to ask anyone out or to hang out, but I’m trying to get better in that. Thank you my dears for bearing with me still!

My Future
Ok this may sound a bit weird and is hard to explain. But as I mentioned, I live through plans and it’s hard for me to live and enjoy this moment right now. So I have planned my future somehow. I mean, I have some serious career goals in life and those make me so happy and excited. I’m everyday working a little bit to achieve those goals. Even if my day sucks and it’s raining and I’m hungry, I think of those goals and what I have already done to achieve those goals. It keeps me motivated. And motivated equals happy. For me at least.

This is something that we all should be happy about. We have a special chance to do so much, not all the people have that kind of freedom. Here in Finland we don’t have wars or national disasters happening. Every morning we can wake up, make coffee and decide what we want to do with our lives.
I’m especially happy about my situation, I don’t own anything else than clothes in my luggage and I’m free to do whatever I want and wherever I want. Those who know me, know that I have hard time to stay in one place long, but it’s the way I like to live now. Maybe at some point I’ll settle down somewhere, but that’s not happening any time soon.

♥ V

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