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First of all, what is Slush? What happened in Slush 2016? What do I think about Slush? Now this years Slush is officially over, it’s good to overview the event again.

Slush means partially melted snow or ice. But in Finland Slush is also the biggest tech and start-up event. It brings together the leading factors of the global tech scene to Helsinki for something very special. Described by many as “Burning Man meets TED”, the event has grown in just a few short years to over 17,000 attendees and 1 million live stream viewers. Over 2,000 startups, 1000 investors, and 700 journalists from over 120 countries come to Slush to advance their business and to experience the phenomenal atmosphere. The organization behind Slush is non-profit, driven by students, and it gathers more than 2,300 enthusiastic volunteers who create the event.

First time I heard about Slush, was about year ago when some of my school mates attended it. I saw pictures and heard stories, but it was nothing special to me at that point. During the last summer I started to follow the preparations of the event more and when the application for volunteers opened, I applied at the first day.

After few weeks or a month, I heard from one of the Team Leads in Slush. I was selected to be a Group Lead in parties’ team. It felt good to be chosen for a bit more responsible job than basic volunteering. And it was my first time attending the event! As a Group Lead I was responsible to recruiting my own group of 6 people to work with me. I made all the necessary preparations and organized training’s for them to the event and lead them throughout the event.

Now, after the event I haven gained many new friends and one of the best volunteering experiences. I feel like I have also developed more as a leader, and found out new things about myself. I’ve never been the loudest person of the groups or rarely even shouting my ideas out loud in the groups, but working as a leader, I had to stand out and make things work. And man, it felt good. I like to be in charge of things. I feel like only then I can control how things are really done. Some of my group members mentioned after the event that I stress much. Which is true, I tend to stress a lot if I’m not able to control everything and things don’t work the way I had planned. But it’s something that I’m working on.

What happens now?

Slush is going to happen again, even bigger, next year. I could see myself attending it again, but as I always want to proceed, I could see myself as a Team Leader next time. That means that I would be responsible for a lot bigger group of people. But we’ll see!

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Slush 2016, Black Stage

Slush Music

Slush Founder's Stage

Slush After Party

Slush Volunteers

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