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Christmas Alone

Spending Christmas Alone

I love Christmas season, but something in it gets people go crazy over the idea of being with others. This year I chose to spend one-on-one time with myself. I got several different reactions when I mentioned my holiday plans to be alone. Some have invited me to spend Christmas with their families, some have been jealous of my peaceful time alone and many just don’t seem to understand.

I have different motives for my decision, but the main reason is,

Because I can

In few years (hopefully) I’ll start to have family and it’s going to get harder to have me-time. I’m not afraid to say that I love myself and I like to spend time with me. I’m young and single, I don’t have any commitments to anything or anyone. I love my parents and relatives, but I don’t need Christmas to spend time with them. These are the few days in a year when we are truly allowed to just relax and forget all school and work stuff and everything around us and enjoy ourselves.

5 Things I’m planning to do this Christmas:

➳ Eat and cook. A lot.

➳ Read a book

➳ Watch my favorite Netflix series

➳ Listen to my favorite music

➳ Try to write more

Some worth reading articles and blogs that inspired me about spending Christmas alone:

I Spent Christmas Alone and it Was a Really Good Decision by Ayla Monic

The people who choose to be alone at Christmas by BBC

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