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Moving abroad part two: The Netherlands

Moving abroad part two: The Netherlands

It’s been less than half a year since I moved back to Finland from LA. And now I have moved to another country again. To the Netherlands this time. In LA I was doing my internship, and this time I’m doing my exchange studies. The stay will be a bit longer this time, at least 5 months, but I’ll be much closer to home (which my mom likes at least).

A lot has happened during the past weeks. I’ve been packing my life again into a luggage and saying goodbyes. Now I have already spent first nights in my destination, Arnhem, small town in east of the Netherlands.

This time it wasn’t as shock as it was when leaving to Los Angeles. I had a friend with me in Amsterdam for the first week. And as European citizen, I didn’t need to worry about any visa issues. Actually, no one even checked our passports or any other papers nowhere on the way here. Also this time I didn’t need to worry about the accommodation, because I moved straight to my student apartment when arriving to Arnhem.

So, here I’ll spend the next 5 months or so, studying with local students and other exchange students. I’m excited!

My first impressions of the Netherlands so far:

➳ People. They’re very straightforward. I knew this beforehand, but it’s still shocking how they lack all the customer service skills that I’ve known. Often, even after they hear that I don’t speak Dutch, they still continue with it. Though they speak good English, when they want to.

➳ Food. So much sandwiches and fried food everywhere. Still no overweight people nowhere.

➳ Bicycles. The Netherlands is known for their cycling culture. It’s still funny how the hierarchy at the streets goes; first bicycles, then cars and at last the pedestrians. They don’t avoid you, you need to watch out for them. And no one wears a helmet, but they carry everything with bicycle from children to furniture.

Next week when the actual studies start, I’ll probably have the biggest shock.

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